Making is breathing

I have been making ever since I can remember. Life stops when I am not. So I make wherever I am, at home in my little workroom, when I am travelling, and in warm weather en plein air.

I currently live in rural SW France, micro climate, and love the gentle bustle of beautiful Limoges , less than 40 minutes away when needed, and the tranquility of village life, the countryside, along with the extraordinary array of birds and animals and the gentleness and friendliness of the inhabitants. The landscape has barely been changed for centuries. As though time has stood still. I have spent much of my life in the theatre, acting and coaching, and in education. Making and selling my work or exhibiting, meeting other makers in UK and here in France, keeps me busy. Handmade work, your own, or discovering anothers talent, the sheer joy of creating a new idea, stumbling across an ancient creation, life is always full of surprises.

However easy or tough life around me becomes making is my stalwart, it keeps me going, and my creations hopefully make other people share my love and joy of handmade, and maybe inspires them to create something for themselves. I have always been encouraged by my talented parents whatever I chose to do in life and my husband has continued that encouragement. I love working on a small scale creating original decorative wearable pieces and interior wall art works.



Needlefelted Brooches, textile rings, handsewn linen bags,
Handmade book, handsewn hand embroidered linen covers
Original Wall Art Seascape
Acrylic on canvas board